6. Focus

Focus is so often the make or break element for so many projects. There has to be a conscious and constant focus on delivering our goals. Without focus the probability of success is greatly diminished.

a) Rise above everything and others. This doesn’t mean take a haughty attitude, belittle others, cut off old relationships (although in some situations that might be necessary). It is about being in control. You have your Principles. You are running your life mission projects. Others can have their views (and their input may be very useful), but in the end you are the executive decision maker and you decide.

b) Focus on delivering results. Take pride in your projects and make sure you get some form of satisfaction for delivering a project successfully.

c) Don’t get distracted by social media etc. There are too many ways to get distracted. Recognise the things that distract you and rob you of time. And actively manage the situation. Close those Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. accounts if you think they are distracting you from achieving your truly important goals.

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