7. Inspect & Adapt

Inspection and adaption are necessary elements to allow us to keep on track and adjust the track as necessary.  Inspection means we look at ourselves, what we are, who we are etc. And it means that we inspect the results of our endeavours.  We then adapt and adjust as required.

a) Monitor your progress. Tools are a great way to give you the feedback you need.

b) Don’t impose regimes on yourself that don’t fit. Be realistic.

c) Scale projects correctly and build up slowly – be happy to hit lower goals at first. For example, if beginning a new sport, build it up slowly. It is good to celebrate success more regulary on those easier goals than putting all your efforts in a project that never delivers.

d) Value your CV. Your CV is an important part of you. It provides an opportunity for you to look at yourself from the outside, as well as a large part of how you perceive yourself.  As you develop, you will see your story in a new light. It is likely you will re-write your CV regularly as you attain a better understanding of yourself. Updating your CV at least once a week is a good target.

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