2. Introspection

a) Take stock of your current situation .

b) What am I really destined to do? This sounds seriously “clichéed”. And probably we don’t know. But by kick-starting your life, using introspection, adapting, we take ourselves out of our old comfort zones, find out more about ourselves, live in the moment. Maybe we simply discover that the journey is the goal. Or vice versa. Sorry about the clichée overload.  Again the Old Wisdom can help us out here. The Law of Attraction etc. They tend to push us to find out what is important for US. And push us to realise those things, letting go things we might have thought were important.

c) Are you your own boss? Do you prefer giving the orders, controlling? Or do you feel more comfortable taking commands from others?

d) Consider others.   This is extremely important and should be a constant principle that needs to be observed at all times, during all processes, and whilst planning and deciding on your missions.  Consider the immediate people around you. As well as those further afield. What do they expect from you? Are their expectations valid? Do they expect too much or too little? Should you be focussing more on those around you?  Do talk to others. You may not want to tell them about your bigger goals. But try to imagine how they perceive YOU. Explain smaller changes to them in a way they can accept and relate to. If your secret goal is to win the Tour de France and you are not already a professional cyclist or haven’t done any sport for years, approach the topic from a more palatable angle. “I need a bit of fresh air from time to time…” – take a quick jog around the block. Etc. And later maybe park your mission somewhere in the middle – “Now I’m feeling a bit fitter – perhaps I’ll register for the local charity Fun Cycle”. As you achieve more smaller goals, the bigger goals will not seem so far-fetched to those looking on. And you might even get some encouragement.  Once again there is so much Old Wisdom available that can really help us. For example, the classic book How to Win Friends and Influence People. It’s cheap. Free or almost free. And worth consulting.

d) Do I need mentors? Can I do everything myself or do I need guidance? Am I a self-study type of person or do I prefer to be taught?

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