Core Life Principles & Processes

Principles and processes are designed as a minimum set of actionable items to pick your life up.

What is life?

For most people life will break down into the following primary elements.





Family relationships

Relationships external to family. Relationships at work, working relationships e.g. business partners etc.

Career & work

Career and work are kind of optional. Billonaires might not want to indulge. Also, some people might simply not want to work, preferring to fall back on state benefits etc. But for the majority of people career and work are important elements in their lives. Career involves progression, the desire to move up the chain. It usually necessitates an element of academic, professional or vocational training, learning and progression. And, for better or for worse, it can provoke the need to compare ourselves, and especially our performance, with that of others.

Summary – most of what we do in life can be attribruted to just a few primary themes




Primary life skills