3. Learning

a) Learn from experience  Life deals us some bad hands sometimes. Learn from them. Try not to blame others. It is a competitive world – if someone knocks us down in their mission to get ahead, don’t blame them. Move on.    Draw on experience. And keep drawing on it as you move on.  As you check the progress of your goals record the lessons learnt. Where did you go wrong? Why? Where did it go right? Why? Use the learnings going forward.

b) Continued learning  Spend time and money on education, continued learning. Keep adding new skills both to your CV. Try to edit your CV at least once a week. Even if you are self-employed and never need to use it.

c) Leverage old wisdom. Now, it may be nonsense, but wisdom such as the Law of Attraction can be leveraged to suit my situation. No, there is no Law of Attraction; at least I don’t believe in it. But many of the personal development areas of the system can be leveraged to your advantage. Old wisdom is a useful tool. But it does need to be tailored to your situation.

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