1. The Five Second Process – the vital building block

Introduction For me, personally, this is the most important process. It is the great enabler, and is backed by a host of Old Wisdom. It has allowed me to turn dreams into reality. To break old habits, To break out of sloth. To get my life organised and to bring it forward. I am a great procrastinator. A chronic procrastinator. I allowed tasks to lie around for years. In the meantime I could not move forward because of the weight of those tasks weighing down on my shoulders. At intervals I tried to tackle the problem.

For example reading up on the habits of successful people and other self-help wisdoms. I made to-do lists, prioritised the tasks. I tried to implement that process that required to do anything that would just take 5 minutes “now” and not wasted time putting it onto the to-do list. Nothing helped. Five minutes for me was just too long of a planning horizon. Five minutes was just too long.

Eventually I adjusted the granularity and tried five seconds instead. It worked! And by breaking huge, often neglected, tasks down into tiny bites, work got started! And FINISHED!  So if you tend to put things off. You leave it to tomorrow. Next week, next year then the five second process is for you.  We all know that “tomorrow never comes”. But we can envisage the next five seconds. It is here, now, near real-time.

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